Understanding The Gambling Addiction

One of the fastest growing addictions in this country is that of the gambling addiction. It’s rather easy to diagnose but like all addictions, it’s rather difficult to treat. It’s something that can cost someone everything they have. Here are 4 things you should know about the gambling addiction.

It’s Not About Money

Sure, gambling is about betting your money and putting it on the line but that’s not what gambling is really about. Gambling is really about the exhilaration of the gamble. It is said that a true gambling addict can get high off the thrill of losing everything they have on a single bet. To us it would absolutely destroy us but for the gambler, it would be the thrill of a lifetime and while they might lament their losses later, they would do it all over again if they could.

It Will Destroy Everything

Very few gambling addicts keep it under control. There are some who manage to get by only lose enough to put them at risk but never to put them in danger. But all addicts eventually put themselves in grave danger. They end up losing everything. They end up making a mess of their lives and the lives of the people around them.

They Hurt Family Members All The Same

People think that the drug addict is the worst offender to the family but the gambling addict is just as damaging and sometimes more so. What the gambler will do is deprive their family of the things they want and need to help out with their own addiction. It’s one of the most humiliating things an addict can do to its family.

Don’t ever make the mistake of thinking that the addiction of gambling is any less than any other addiction. You’d be rather mistaken. It’s a serious illnes.